The Chinese medicine practice offers a wide range of treatment methods:

House visits


I will visit your house at anytime, if required. A house visit will be charged usually on an hourly basis.



With acupuncture, the specific points on meridians (energy conductors) are needled to regulate the Qi targeted life energy. It is known as an effective therapy treatment method for many diseases, but it is also used as a supportive treatment of conventional medical therapies. Acupuncture targets the people who want to treat their illness in a gentle and natural way. It advances your physical balance and strengthens the physical wellness of your body and health.

Ear acupuncture


The ear acupuncture is based on the conception that the ear muscle reflects a fetus lying on the head. Based on this view, a representation of all part of the body and organs results in particular parts of the ear. By injecting the needles into the points and zones on the ear, the diseased organs or part of the body can have a positive impact.



The electroacupuncture is a TCM-Procedure, in which low electrical stimulus are transferred to the needles. Mostly, it is used for major pains and stagnations of all types.



Cupping is a traditional therapy procedure, in which a low-pressure is generated on a limited part of skin. Therefore, a stimulus arises in the body, which dissolves the blockages and stimulates the flow of energy in the body. The cupping is done mainly on the back of the body, since the reflex zones are connected there with individual organs.

Heat therapy / Moxibustion


Moxibustion is the process to heat specific points of the body. The heat is entered by burning off the dry mugwort. The heat penetrates through the acupuncture points in the body. It is used for diseases, such as cold and exhaustion. In addition, I also use heat sources such as infrared or TDP-electromagnetic heat lamps.



In Chinese nutrition science, the effect of nutrition is described in the body itself. Here, the decisive part is the taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy), the temperature behaviours from cold to hot and the action in the body. From the perspective of the TCM, the substance of ingredients does not make any difference. A balanced diet according to the Chinese principles nourishes the hormones in the body, flow of energy and therefore, it seems to be the preventive and supportive healing process.

House visits


I will visit your house at anytime, if required. A house visit will be charged usually on an hourly basis.