Bild der Therapeutin Isabelle Seiler

I grew up in central Switzerland and completed successfully the dance training at the London Contemporary Dance School after my Matura in 1991.
Through the joy of movement and action and my personal experience as the mother of three children, I developed a passion for alternative healing methods.

Career History

Bild der Therapeutin Isabelle Seiler

The Kusnacht Practice – Addiction Treatment, Psychiatry and Orthomolecular Medicine kusnachtpractice.com Zurich April 2010 – present day TCM-Acupuncturist. Formulation and delivery of TCM-treatment from diagnosis to discharge

The Practice for Chinese Healing Arts September 2009 – present day Director / TCM-specialist practitioner Establishment/development of an independent successful private practice. Referral agents include: psychiatrists, psychotherapists, medical doctors, physiotherapists, dermatologists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and oncologists

Initiated private practice in association with Dr. med. Pascale Tognola, Zürich January 2009

National Hospital of Traditional Medicine Hanoi, Vietnam 2009 / 2010 TCM practitioner treating on average 60 patients per day as part of TCM/ medical clinical team.

Hirslanden Hospital Group Sinomed 2008 /2009 Trainee TCM practitioner under Dr. Hongwei Liu`s tutelage

Professional Qualifications

Bild der Therapeutin Isabelle Seiler

2020 Ausbildung zur diplomierten Hypnosetherapeutin (OMNI HYPNOSIS)

Diploma TCM Acupuncture and Western medicine
Schule für Klassische Naturheilkunde, Zürich 2004-2008

Diploma Shiatsu
Kimon Institute, Luzern, 1993-1994

Diploma Dance and Movement psychology
The Laban Centre, In association with the London Contemporary Dance School, London, UK 1991-1993

Certificates attained in each of the following



Treatment room und entry

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